Internationally Recognized for Innovation and Results

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Internationally Recognized for Innovation and Results

Meet Dennis Hurwitz, M.D., F.A.C.S. A Plastic Surgeon with Over 20 Years of Experience

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz
Dr. Dennis Hurwitz

For decades, patients have sought out Dr. Dennis Hurwitz for advanced body contouring procedures because of his commitment to innovation. Dr. Hurwitz constantly strives to improve existing surgeries, and in the process, has created several revolutionary approaches to body contouring. Based out of the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Hurwitz has pioneered the total body lift and the miracle body lift, in addition to perfecting new, safe, effective techniques, such as oblique flankplasty.

Not only is Dr. Hurwitz a trusted surgeon, but he serves as a valued teacher for medical students and colleagues alike. He has taken the time to carefully analyze the results of his techniques and is teaching courses around the world in plastic surgery and body contouring. It is Dr. Hurwitz's goal to share these revolutionary procedures, so patients worldwide can benefit from safer treatment, better results, and shorter recovery times.

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Approach to Body Contouring

Speaking Engagements
Featuring Dr. Hurwitz

As an accomplished surgeon who has pioneered groundbreaking techniques, Dr. Hurwitz has been invited to speak at conferences and other events around the world. Some of his upcoming and past speaking engagements include:

  • May 30, 2018 - First Hanover Master Class Symposium in Hanover, Germany

Dr. Hurwitz is one of the few Americans invited to teach at this conference. He will discuss his new techniques, including his advances in the use of oblique flankplasty.

  • July 21-22, 2018 - Breast and Body Contouring Symposium in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Hurwitz will teach courses on his innovative approach to body contouring. He combines state-of-the-art skin tightening techniques with surgical procedures for beautiful results.

"I am a plastic surgeon from Mexico. I rotated and learned from Dr Hurwitz. He is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world." Alvar Garcia - August 15, 2014

Body Sculpting with VASER Advanced Ultrasound Technology

VASER® is a minimally invasive ultrasound system designed for body contouring. With VASER, patients often see better results with a shorter recovery period. Since VASERlipo® is so gentle, more and better fat is preserved for lipoaugmentation. Dr. Hurwitz uses VASERlipo during lipoabdominoplasty and other procedures to enhance results.

Faster Recovery With a Multimodality
Swelling Program

All patients of Dr. Hurwitz have access to the Swelling Program at the Hurwitz Center medical spa as part of operation recovery. The services are performed by experienced estheticians and physician assistants. The medical spa is a separate adjoining facility far from the stresses of the operating room and is specially designed for the comfort and pleasure of our patients. 

Dr. Hurwitz's multimodality swelling program combines the techniques of physical therapy with advanced technology to speed the recovery process. Depending on their needs, patients can receive multiple treatments, such as:

  • VASERshape® - external ultrasound for rapid healing
  • HIVAMAT® - electrophysiological stimulation of the lymphatic circulation
  • MedX - phototherapy to reduce swelling caused by bruising or bleeding

Patients also receive discounts for continued treatment at the medical spa.

Gentle Postoperative Care At the Hurwitz Center Medical Spa

The medical spa at Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery is a calming, relaxing environment designed to provide a tranquil atmosphere for healing. In addition to pre and postoperative care, the skilled estheticians and physician assistants offer a range of other services, including microdermabrasion, medical tattooing, detoxing, and more.

The Miracle Body Lift Dramatic Transformations for Men and Women

Similar to Dr. Hurwitz's signature total body lift, the miracle body lift combines multiple procedures together for comprehensive results. A typical miracle body lift fuses the benefits of lipoabdominoplasty with oblique flankplasty, VASERlipo, and lipoaugmentation into one incredible treatment. The inspiration for this technique stemmed from the realization that performing surgery on one part of the body will inevitably affect the others. Rather than simply target one area, Dr. Hurwitz selects the procedures best suited for a whole body transformation.

In the miracle body lift for men, Dr. Hurwitz can combine an oblique flankplasty with a torsoplasty and BodyTite to sculpt a more toned, masculine torso. He often includes a procedure to tighten and shape the upper thighs as well. Patients with severe gynecomastia can also benefit from his innovative boomerang pattern correction. For women, Dr. Hurwitz will often incorporate an upper body lift, or torsoplasty, to create a fuller, more shapely bust line.

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