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To learn more about breast surgery, including lift and augmentation with or without implants, contact the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz.

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Breast Procedures

Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation with Implants and Other Choices

The decision to undergo breast surgery of any sort is a delicate subject for most women. Because the breasts are perhaps the most visible sign of femininity, they are very important to identity and often a great source of dissatisfaction. If you feel that your breasts are too small, too large, or if you are unhappy with their contour following pregnancy or weight loss, Dr. Hurwitz and Dr. Agha may be able to help.

At the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery, our surgeons can customize your breast surgery to meet your individual needs. They offer breast reduction, breast lift, and several types of breast augmentation, including augmentation with implants, at their Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania office.

Women come from all over the United States to have their breast surgery performed at the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery because they trust the skill and compassion exhibited by both Dr. Hurwitz and Dr. Agha, who together have been performing plastic surgery for nearly 30 years.

Breast Augmentation

There are many reasons that a woman might seek out breast augmentation at our Pittsburgh facility. Some women spend many years wishing that their breasts were larger, while others only start thinking about breast augmentation after weight loss, pregnancy, or breast surgery changes the size and volume of their breasts. Breast augmentation has become a popular and accepted form of plastic surgery in modern American society; as a result, several techniques have emerged to allow women to customize their surgery to best fit their needs and goals. Whether they choose breast augmentation using breast implants or their natural tissue, patients at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania practice will be given all the information necessary to make the right decision.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

If you choose to achieve your breast augmentation through the use of breast implants, your doctor will guide you through the many choices you must make before undergoing surgery. Choices like the location and size of implants, as well as whether they are placed above or below the pectoral muscles, will affect the final outcome and are dependent on your personal preference and health history. We want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your breast implants and the boost they give to both your silhouette and your self-confidence.

In most cases, your doctor will begin the surgery by making incisions in the creases beneath the breasts before placing the breast implants either above or beneath the pectoral muscles. The nipples may be relocated to improve the aesthetic appearance.

After the incisions are closed, you will be fitted with dressings and a compression garment to help your breast implants remain in place. For the first few days after your breast augmentation, your chest will feel sore and you will probably feel very tired. This is completely normal, and your doctor will prescribe pain medication to help your discomfort.

Within a few weeks after your breast augmentation surgery at our Pittsburgh facility, you will be able to return to most of your normal activities. It is important to follow all of your doctor's instructions for proper healing and scar minimization. Before you know it, you will be able to enjoy your new appearance to the fullest. To learn whether you are a candidate for breast augmentation with implants, contact the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hurwitz or Dr. Agha.

Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Trans-umbilical breast augmentation, or TUBA, is a technique that can virtually eliminate the scarring common with other methods of placing breast implants. Pennsylvania surgeon Dr. Agha is one of the few plastic surgeons in the country with the training and skill required to perform TUBA.

To place breast implants using the TUBA method, Dr. Agha creates an incision in the upper edge of the bellybutton, thereby avoiding the scarring that comes with traditional breast augmentation. He then uses an endoscope, or instrument with a tiny camera on it, to create a pathway from the bellybutton to the desired locations of the breast implants.

The deflated implants are rolled up and moved through the pathways into their final positions. Dr. Agha then uses a tube to fill the implants with saline solution before removing all instruments and closing the incision.

TUBA is an innovative procedure that reduces post-operative scarring as well as the pain, soreness, and bruising that often accompanies the traditional breast augmentation procedure. Women who want trans-umbilical breast augmentation often travel to Pittsburgh from around the United States to take advantage of Dr. Agha's experience and knowledge.

Breast Augmentation Using Natural Tissue

After speaking with many women who wished to have their breasts augmented without the use of breast implants, Pennsylvania doctor Dennis Hurwitz developed a unique method of augmentation that uses tissue and excess fat from the patient's own body to create larger breasts with beautiful, natural contours.

By creating two "spiral flaps" of skin on the breast mound, Dr. Hurwitz is able to carefully rotate the breast tissue into a new, more contoured position. His considerable skill and knowledge allows him to complete this time-intensive procedure while maintaining blood supply to the targeted tissue, an accomplishment that is normally very difficult to achieve.

After spiral flap reshaping, Dr. Hurwitz often adds to the volume of the breasts by using lipoaugmentation, or injection of fat that has been removed from another area of the body. He feels that these natural methods often result in a more beautiful appearance than is possible with breast implants. To learn more, contact the Pennsylvania Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery today.

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Breast Lift

Breast lift, offered by Pittsburgh plastic surgeons Dr. Hurwitz and Dr. Agha, can rejuvenate breasts that are droopy or sagging due to pregnancy, massive weight loss, or the natural aging process. Many of our breast surgery patients choose to combine breast lift with augmentation, as a breast lift does not add volume on its own.

The breast lift procedure begins with the doctor making three incisions; one along the crease beneath the breast, one around the areola, and a vertical incision connecting the two. The doctor will then bring the skin together beneath the breast to create a tighter, shapelier contour. In most cases, the nipple is relocated to give the breast a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

After the incisions are sutured closed, the doctor will apply a compression garment to aid healing. Following your breast lift at our Pittsburgh facility, you will need to follow your doctor's instructions carefully to help minimize the appearance of your scars. They will take several months to flatten out and lighten in color, and though they will never fade completely, most women find that they are very happy with the results of the breast lift overall.

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Breast Reduction

Breasts that are disproportionately large can cause many problems, from back and neck pain to self-consciousness and embarrassment. If you are tired of struggling with the difficulties posed by large breasts, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction. As with breast lift and breast augmentation, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania surgeons at the Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery will work closely with you to ensure that your surgery is customized to your needs.

The incision made for a breast reduction is similar to that of a breast lift: the doctor will make an incision around the areola, down the front of the lower breast, and in the crease at the bottom of the breast. He will then remove excess tissue and skin, giving your breasts pleasing, smaller contours.

Once sutures are in place, you will be dressed in a compression garment to aid healing. As the swelling recedes and your scars begin to fade, you will find that you are able to wear new, flattering clothes and partake in activities that you never before thought possible.

Both Dr. Hurwitz and Dr. Agha feel that the key to successful plastic surgery is individual care and customized treatment plans. They will make sure that all your questions are answered and involve you in every stage of the procedure. To learn more about breast reduction, breast lift, or breast augmentation and implants, contact the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office of Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with one of our wonderful surgeons.

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