A Revolutionary Method for Creating Beautifully Contoured FiguresCombining Lipoabdominoplasty with Oblique Flankplasty

Dr. Dennis Hurwitz offers a revolutionary approach to body contouring. By combining lipoabdominoplasty with oblique flankplasty, Dr. Hurwitz can create an hourglass figure for women and a more masculine torso for men. A lipoabdominoplasty targets the abdominal area, using liposuction to remove excess fat and a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tighten the underlying muscles. However, for many patients, this procedure leaves them with loose skin around the sides and hip bones. At The Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery in Pittsburgh, PA, we can also perform an oblique flankplasty to eliminate sagging flanks for an overall more toned appearance.

Three Body Sculpting Techniques Working Together

By combining a lipoabdominoplasty and oblique flankplasty, this procedure can sculpt and contour both the front and back of the torso. Lipoabdominoplasty is designed to create the best contours possible for the front of the torso by removing excess fat and tightening skin from the breast bone to the pubic area. However, the treatment ends towards the hips, meaning skin may still be loose and not as shapely over the hip bones.

When lipoabdominoplasty for the front torso is combined with oblique flankplasty, the result is a narrower waist and a smoother, more sculpted figure.

The oblique flankplasty is an alternative to the lower body lift which removes excess skin from the waist. It can also remove large flanks or love handles for both men and women. When lipoabdominoplasty for the front torso is combined with oblique flankplasty, the result is a narrower waist and a smoother, more sculpted figure. For women, this means a dramatic hourglass shape. For men, this means a narrower lower body and a more rectangular, masculine torso. The results are so striking that the doctor affectionately refers to the procedure as a “shark bite.”

How It Works

A typical procedure begins with the patient lying on their stomach. Working together with a team of highly trained assistants, Dr. Hurwitz can perform the entire procedure in four hours or less. He begins by removing excess tissue from the flanks. If desired, he can also augment the butt using harvested fat.

Once the oblique flankplasty is complete, Dr. Hurwitz turns the patient over and performs the lipoabdominoplasty. This stage of the procedure involves removing fat from the upper abdomen using advanced VASERlipo® ultrasound technology and then tightening the lower abdomen with a standard abdominoplasty. For more dramatic results, he then completes the transition by sculpting the waist and the sides.

Dr. Hurwitz Explains the ​Lipoabdominoplasty with Oblique Flankplasty Technique


While the procedure is more complex than a lipoabdominoplasty alone, adding an oblique flankplasty does not significantly increase recovery time. Generally, patients see dramatic improvement within three to four weeks and can begin returning to their normal daily activities at that time. However, it can take up to a year to see final results.

During the recovery process, patients can take advantage of the multimodality Swelling Program at our MediSpa which is included as part of their operation. Using a range of advanced treatments, our skilled and experienced estheticians can reduce swelling and speed patient recovery time. Our MediSpa is a full-service center designed to cater to the comfort and pleasure of recovering patients and offers a relaxing environment far from the stresses of surgery.

The Evolution of Oblique Flankplasty

Over a decade ago, Dr. Hurwitz observed that men with large love hands were not well-served by a traditional lower body lift, even after extensive weight loss. He found that by adjusting the procedure to address the area directly over the flanks, the results improved significantly. Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Hurwitz attempted his first oblique flankplasty on a female patient.

The patient had already undergone a tummy tuck and found herself left with wrinkled, unsightly flanks. Dr. Hurwitz performed the oblique flankplasty and discovered such positive results that he began offering the procedure to other female patients in search of a dramatic waistline.

In the past, the only option for patients who were not served by a lipoabdominoplasty was a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty. Unfortunately, this procedure leaves a vertical scar from the breast bone to the belly button that is often wide and thick. In contrast, the scars from a lipoabdominoplasty combined with an oblique flankplasty are so fine and thin that most patients feel confident even in a two piece swimsuit.

Get a Shark Bite Figure

Through meticulous population analysis, Dr. Hurwitz has determined that a lipoabdominoplasty combined with an oblique flankplasty offers effective results for patients who were otherwise underserved by plastic surgery procedures. You can learn more about this revolutionary approach to body contouring by contacting The Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery online or by phone at (412) 802-6100 today.

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